Hoey Family Stories and Other Stuff
This is a collection of stories and other things I have come across in my research.  More will be added as time permits:

  • Coroner's Inquest for Patrick Donahue - Patrick Donahue, My Grandmother's brother, disappeared from home at the end of March, 1907. His body was found on 4 May 1907.  A coroner's inquest was held to look into the circumstances surrounding his death.

  • Letter from China - In March of 1901, my Grandfather, James Hoey, was a private in the Marine Corps stationed aboard the USS Monocacy in China during the Boxer Rebellion.  He wrote a letter home to his mother in Pittsburgh.

  • Campolieto Birth List - My wife's paternal ancestors are from the town of Campolieto, Campobasso, Italy.  I have done some research with the birth records available on LDS microfilm.  The results can be found here.

  • Campolieto Marriage List - Campolieto Marriage records can be found here.

  • Metzenseifen Labor Camp List - In February, 1945, The Russians deported citizens from the village of Metzenseifen to labor camps in Russia.  A list of those people can be found here.

  • Comgressional Medal of Honor - Louis Gedeon was born on the Southside of Pittsburgh in 1877.  He won the Congressional Medal of Honor on 4 February 1900 at Mount Amia, Cebu, Philippine Islands.

  • Marine Corps Tour of Duty - My paternal grandfather, James N. Hoey, served in the Marine Corps for five years at the turn of the century.

  • 478th Aero Squadron - My maternal grandfather, Herbert P. Weet, served in the 478 Aero Squadron during World War I. The complete roster of the unit can be found here.

  • Operation Dragoon - Lt. Andrew Orient served in the the 756th Tank Battalion during World War II. While commanding the 3rd Platoon of Company B, he took part in Operation Dragoon, the Allied invasion of Southern France.

  • The House in Allerstedt - An ancestors home, shown in a photo over one hundred old, is finally found.

  • Metzenseifen Emigration - A list of known emigrants from Ober and Unter Metzenseifen to the United States.