Many thanks to all of the individuals who have helped me with the information contained on this web site:
  • My parents, James and Rosemary (Weet) Hoey, who put up with my endless questions.
  • My Aunt's:  Mary Elizabeth (Hoey) Walsh and Roseanne (Hoey) Corrigan for help with the Hoey and Donahue families.
  • Bernard Brennan for information on the Quinn's from Crosscavanagh.
  • Nancy Watson and Russ Lentz for information on the Watson and Creighton families.

  • Sr. Beatrice Orient, Bernard Orient and Charlotte Skalyo Orient for their work on the Weet and Orient Family Tree's.
  • Mary Ann (Quallich) Barnett for the Gedeon and Quallich family tree's.
  • Mary Anne (Kraemer) Wojszynski for information on the Kraemer and Foldvary families.
  • Patricia (Volota) Quallich and Sarah Hanley for information on the Quallich family.
  • Heinz Schleusener, Jim O'Hara and Duncan Gardiner for information on the town of Metzenseifen.

  • Noelle (Calabro) Conover for her work putting together the Yalenty and Strazza family tree.
  • Helen (Yalenty) LaMarca for her memories of the Yalenty family.
  • Bernard and Alice Tresca for information on the Ialenti family.
  • Evelyn Strazza for her work on updating the Strazza family information.

  • Ruth (Weiss) Yalenty for information on the Weiss and Zoerb families.
  • Katherine (Zoerb) Sabol for the original Zoerb and Donet family tree's.
  • Marion (Zoerb) Lloyd for her work in updating the Zoerb family tree as well as the Voelker family tree.
  • Tom Donet for information on the Donet family.
  • Frederick Earl Faix for the Faix family tree.